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Vietri Italian Tableware & Home Collections

When it comes to craftsmanship, you won't find anything finer than Vietri Italian tableware. The Vietri collection is handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans who have spent years studying their craft. They know the importance of crafting a piece that's built to last. And while the Vietri home collection might be characterized by shimmering glass, white porcelain and delicately painted designs, these durable products will be the centerpiece of your dinner table for years to come. Some of the pieces are bright and colorful, while others are plain and simple. In any case, Vietri pieces have a quiet dignity that makes you feel like you're sipping wine at a local cafe in Italy.

The Vietri line of products includes plates, cups, glasses, silverware, platters, trays and more, many featuring classic Vietri patterns. You can also invest in Vietri planters for your garden. If you're looking for tasteful home decor, you can buy Vietri wall plates that feature stunning full-color watercolor paintings.