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Vietri Flatware Collections

No kitchen set is complete without Vietri flatware. Our Vietri silverware sets are attractive enough to draw your attention but subtle enough to blend in with the rest of your dinnerware. With forks, knives, spoons, steak knives, serving spoons and more, you can refresh your entire kitchen set with our exquisite Vietri cutlery. The stainless steel and fine metals can withstand various densities, textures and temperatures without chipping or fading. Stick with one collection to keep it consistent, or mix and match pieces to have a brilliant collection of Vietri luxury silverware.

The specifications can vary, but our Vietri luxury silverware is typically dishwasher-safe. The fine metals and expert craftsmanship help this silverware stand up to repeated use. Each piece is handcrafted by Italian artisans, making our collections a true labor of love. Replace your old, tarnished silverware or treat yourself to a few brilliantly crafted pieces.