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The Bernardaud White Table Collection

Nothing beats the simple elegance of a white plate. Bernardaud White Table dinnerware is perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their dining room. Place decadent culinary creations upon a pure white canvas to show them off or simply enjoy a tasty slice of cheesecake on a pleasant afternoon with your family. However you enjoy this collection, know that its simple and ageless design is perfect for any home.

Bernardaud White Table china is also a great gift for newlyweds, especially those who are still building their home decor. The white will beautifully accompany any style and complete the look of any dining room. Whether they choose a modern flair, a classic look or decide to stick with their own unique aesthetic, this collection is sure to start the decorating off right. Bernardaud White Table settings make excellent bridal registry options and Chelsea Gifts is your one-stop shop for this impressive collection.

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