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Vietri Hibiscus Glass Collections

Your partner surprised you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Now you need a suitable vessel to display your dazzling gift. The Vietri Hibiscus collection features artfully designed glass vases that are made to resemble hibiscus flowers. These pieces are made from glass, but they're so fluid and flowing that they look like they're made of water. Some Vietri Hibiscus vases are opaque white, while others are brilliantly clear. Still others feature a hint of color or a bold monochrome hue. No matter which you choose, it’s the perfect container for both real and artificial bouquets of flowers. When the flowers dry out, you can keep the vase displayed as an artistic statement that livens your home.

Vietri Hibiscus glass fluted vases are made from hand-blown glass that was crafted right in Italy. A Vietri Hibiscus bud vase can serve as a centerpiece or accentuate the decor around it. For an extra touch of finery, try adding a Vietri glass bowl to your living room coffee table.