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L'Objet Dinnerware Collections

When you're in need of luxurious tableware, look no further than our complete collection from L'Objet! Our selection of L'Objet table settings give you the choice between simple designs featuring gold and platinum or something with a more intricate splash of color. Some of our L'Objet tableware collections are perfect if you're trying to add a touch of simple elegance to your home, while others work very well if you're looking for patterns that will shake things up. Whatever sophisticated look you're going for, you're guaranteed to find it at Chelsea Gifts.

When you're searching for the best plates and bowls to spruce up your dining room table, take a look at our collections from L'Objet. Our experienced team of sales associates will always be here to help you select the best items or answer any questions you might have about our luxury products. Shop Chelsea Gifts online when you're ready to experience quality products at reasonable prices!

Aegean Filet Gold Aegean Filet Platinum Aegean Gold

L'Objet Dinnerware Aegean Filet Gold

L'Objet Dinnerware Aegean Filet Platinum

L'Objet Dinnerware Aegean Gold

Aegean Platinum Aegean White Alchimie Black

L'Objet Dinnerware Aegean Platinum

L'Objet Aegean White Dinnerware Collection

Alchimie Gold Alchimie Platinum Alencon Gold

L'Objet Dinnerware Alencon Gold

Alencon Platinum Alencon Rouge Byzanteum Blanc

L'Objet Dinnerware Alencon Platinum

L'Objet Dinnerware Alencon Rouge

L'Objet Byzanteum Blanc Collection

Byzanteum Gold Byzanteum Platin Byzanteum Tricolor

L'Objet Byzanteum Gold Collection

L'Objet Dinnerware Byzanteum Platin Collection

L'Objet Dinnerware Byzanteum Tricolor Collection

Fortuny Han Gold Han Platinum

L'Objet Fortuny Dinnerware

L'Objet Han Gold

L'Objet Han Platinum

Han White Lapis Malachite

L'Objet Han White

L'Objet Malachite Dinnerware

Perlee Blue Perlee Gold Perlee Platinum

L'Objet Perlee Blue

L'Objet Perlee Gold Collection

L'Objet Perlee Platinum Collection

Perlee White Soie Tressee Black Soie Tressee Gold

L'Objet Perlee White

L'Objet Soie Tressee Black

L'Objet Soie Tressee Gold

Soie Tressee Platinum Soie Tressee White

L'Objet Soie Tressee Platinum

L'Objet Soie Tressee White

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