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L'Objet Lighting

Brighten up your home with L'Objet luxury table lamps. L’Objet lamps are a favorite of home decorators and designers all over the world. Each piece is made from exquisite materials like brass, porcelain, bronze, linen and earthenware. These fully functional lamps are the perfect size for end tables, desks, bedrooms, living rooms and home offices. Some pieces feature a dark shade for evening lighting, while others have lighter shades to highlight morning or the middle of the day. From formal lamps in black and bronze to fun, cheerful designs like monsters and mushrooms, the L'Objet lighting collection has the perfect piece to match your home decor. Some of these lamps are so eye-catching that they might quickly become the centerpiece of your room.

While most of the shades are made from soft linen, a few shades are made from unique materials like porcelain. L'Objet lamps are specially designed to light up your home for the next several decades. Many lamps feature delicate carvings and strikingly modern designs that make them practically indistinguishable from a piece of art. L’Objet lighting accents are a must-have for the style-obsessed and you’ll find L’Objet lamps featured in top design publications such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and more! Find your next beautiful piece for brightening your space at Chelsea Gifts.