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Bernardaud China Dinnerware

When you're having guests over for dinner, your choice of table setting says just as much about you as the meal you're about to serve. Impress your guests by setting the table with Bernardaud hand-made Limoges, France. This fine French dinnerware is made from exquisite white porcelain that looks like something you'd see in a children's fairy tale. Bernardaud dinnerware might look light and delicate, but don't be fooled — it's strong enough to stand up to dinner parties, cocktail nights and elaborate holiday dinners. And with so many different collections available, there's a set of Bernardaud china to suit everyone's tastes.

Bernardaud plates are made from French porcelain adorned with gold, platinum and other fine metals. Some pieces feature delicately painted designs that make each piece of china a distinct work of art. Stock your pantry with dinner plates, soup plates, creamers, gravy boats, teacups, saucers, glasses, trays and a wide range of other high-quality pieces.