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L'Objet Scented Candles in Limoges Porcelain

When you buy L'Objet scented candles, you're not just paying for a candle that you'll throw away when it reaches the bottom of the wick. You're paying for a handcrafted work of art that you'll continue to enjoy long after the candle is gone. You can use your L'Objet Limoges porcelain candle holder to hold pencils, polished stones, succulents, jewelry, small treasures or another candle. Or you could place the lid on the holder and simply enjoy the elegance of the holder by itself. L'Objet candles become the center of attention wherever they're placed, whether it's in the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom. The incredible attention to detail will make you feel like you're part of the French aristocracy.

Luxury candles by L'Objet are handcrafted with fine French porcelain, accented by gemstones and precious metals. Each piece comes with a candle that has a vibrant, distinct scent. Buy a luxury gift for a friend, or buy one for yourself to brighten up your home.