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Olivia Riegel Home Décor

Designed by Jon Morris, the items in the Olivia Riegel collection convey sophistication and playful luxury. Each bejeweled piece adds a touch of sparkle to the collector's home and can serve as a centerpiece for holiday decorating or a well-dressed dining table. Olivia Riegel keepsake gifts are fail-proof ideas for weddings, housewarmings, baby showers or any of life's important milestones. You recipient will be dazzled by the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece!

Chelsea Gifts is proud to carry a beautiful selection of Olivia Riegel décor items, from frames to keepsake boxes to traditional holiday pieces. Whether you shop online or in store, we know you'll find a show-stopper that complements your home. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Olivia Riegel collection or for assistance in choosing the perfect gift.

Swarovski Jeweled Photo Frames Enameled Boxes & Figures Wedding Flutes & Cake Sets

Olivia Riegel Picture Frames

There's something about an elegant frame that provides a finishing touch for any room in your house. Olivia Riegel picture frames serve as particularly strong choices, adding a touch of the extraordinary to every part of your home. Those who truly want to amplify the dazzle factor should take a look at the Olivia Riegel photo frames, which exist to tastefully enhance the beauty of the photos they encircle.

Those who are seeking a sparkling look will be delighted by Swarovski crystal picture frames. With their trademark beauty, these frames are an incredible addition to any home and also make a spectacular hostess gift. Taking advantage of the power of crystals to amp up your home decor is always a great idea. Swarovski photo frames are in high demand for a reason, after all. When visitors come to your home, they'll undoubtedly be impressed by the outstanding way in which you've housed your precious mementos.

Olivia Riegel Enameled Boxes & Figures

Olivia Riegel Wedding Flutes & Cake Sets

Mirror Vanity Trays, Ringholders Bottle Stoppers & Coasters Candle Holders

Olivia Riegel Mirror Vanity Trays

Olivia Riegel Bottle Bottle Stoppers & Coasters

Olivia Riegel Candle Holders

Stemware & Barware Menorahs Bath Accessories

Olivia Riegel Stemware & Barware

Olivia Riegel Menorahs

Olivia Riegel Bath Accessories

Centerpieces, Gifts & Clocks Enameled Stocking Hooks Napkin Rings & Napkin Holders

Olivia Riegel Gifts & Clocks

Olivia Riegel Enameled Stocking Hooks

Napkin Rings & Napkin Holders

Olivia Riegel New Arrivals

Olivia Riegel New Arrivals

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