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Frames Kitchen & Bath Pillows, Throws, & Cushions

MacKenzie-Childs Photo Frames

MacKenzie-Childs Kitchen & Bath

MacKenzie-Childs Pillows, Throws, & Cushions

Rugs & Mats Topiaries, Florals and Trees Vanity Collection

MacKenzie-Childs Decor Rugs, Floor Coverings & Decorative Mats

An exquisite floor piece can change the dynamic of any room, and at Chelsea Gifts, you'll find countless MacKenzie-Childs designer rugs that are perfect for lighting up a space. Our selection includes different MacKenzie-Childs decor rugs so you can decide on the right look and feel for your personal tastes.

Whether you're looking for a large rug for your living room or a small welcome mat to greet your guests, you'll be thrilled with the amount of gorgeous choices you have to choose from. MacKenzie-Childs floor coverings are one-of-a-kind and offer patterns that are simple yet bold, beautiful yet effortless and will leave you with a smile every time you look down. These rugs are also comfortable to the touch, so you can enjoy both the beauty and practicality that a rug should offer.

At Chelsea Gifts, browse through our collections of MacKenzie-Childs decorative mats and rugs for an enchanting floor piece you won't find from any other designer.

MacKenzie-Childs Topiaries, Florals and Trees

MacKenzie-Childs Vanity Collection

Wall Art and Mirrors Wallpaper Window Treatments

MacKenzie-Childs Wall Art and Mirrors

MacKenzie-Childs Wallpaper

MacKenzie-Childs Window Treatments

Zig Zag

MacKenzie-Childs Zig Zag Bath Accessories

MacKenzie-Childs Interior Design Collection & Home Accents

If you're looking for unique and charming accents for any room in the house, you won't need to look further than our MacKenzie-Childs home decorations collection. With a diverse array of luxurious hardware, rugs and other high end decorative items to choose from, you can certainly incorporate MacKenzie-Childs home accents into any space.

Known for intricate details that make each piece a work of art, MacKenzie-Childs room decor has a unique and whimsical style that will attract attention to any area in your home. Each creation lends an individual touch, sculpted by skilled hands or painted with a careful brush.

Here at Chelsea Gifts, we take pride in carrying MacKenzie-Childs creations. Whether you've decided to pair these decorative accents with a room decked out in MacKenzie-Childs furniture or you use them to add life to a simple living space, the MacKenzie-Childs interior design collection will surely impress family and friends.

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