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Nambe Flight Thermal Carafe Nambe Flight Thermal Carafe

Designer Steve Cozzolino is known for his genius of fusing art with science, poetry with technology. The stainless steel Flight Thermal Carafe one of the most stunning examples of this. Its fluid, energetic shape gets oohs and aahs, yet this piece is amazingly functional. The fun slant of the body and the curve of the handle create a sublime balance, making the carafe comfortable to hold and easy to pour. It’s the perfect way to serve morning tea or coffee, or to keep beverages cool while entertaining guests out on the patio or in the solarium.

  • Material: Made of stainless steel, chrome-plated zing, glass
  • Dimensions: 3.625 Qt., 7" W. X 9" L. X 10.5" H.
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
  • Designed by Steve Cozzolino

Price: $125.00
Nambe Chirp Kettle Nambe Chirp Kettle

The Chirp Kettle is a stunning sculpture for your stovetop. The strong, simple lines and bold balance of shapes make this tea kettle pleasant to hold and easy to pour. Listen for its whistle to signal that your water is boiling.

  • Material: Made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2.625 Qt., 10" L. X 8" W. X 8" H.
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
  • Design by Steve Cozzolino

Price: $135.00
Nambe Bulbo Kettle Nambe Bulbo Kettle

The wonderful Bulbo Kettle, created by award-winning designer Lou Henry, is an instant centerpiece for the style-savvy kitchen—every bit as sturdy and functional, as it is fabulous. The fanciful swell of the stainless steel body and the warm acacia handle and knob give it personality and flair while making it practical for everyday use. Best of all, the marvelous shape gives it a rare timelessness that makes it work with a full range of decor styles, from Old-world Tuscan kitchens to sleek, modern environments.

  • Material: Stainless steel and Acacia wood
  • Capacity 2.5 qt.
  • Dimensions: 8.25” D x 8.25” H
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash
  • Designed by Lou Henry

Price: $135.00