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Nambe Tilt Wine Chiller - 7 In Nambe Tilt Wine Chiller - 7 In

Your favorite bottle of white wine or champagne stays cool and crisp when served in our classic Tilt Wine Chiller. Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of the metal, the thick-walled chiller can be placed in the freezer before use, or in the oven if you plan to serve your sake hot at the table.

  • Material: Made of NambĂ© Alloy
  • Dimensions: 4.5" D. X 7" H.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash; dry immediately
  • Designed by NambĂ©
Chill Test: In August 2008, we conducted a test through an independent lab to compare how long wine stayed chilled when held in the Tilt Wine Chiller vs. no chiller. Two identical bottles of wine were cooled at 41 degrees F. for 24 hours and then subjected to an ambient temperature of 75 degrees F., one placed in the Tilt Wine Chiller. The bottle with no chiller reached room temperature in 2.58 hours, while the bottle in the chiller stayed cooler three times longer--not reaching room temperature for 8.16 hours.

Price: $100.00