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Unique Gifts

Make any special occasion more memorable with luxurious, unique gifts. To help you with your search for the ideal present, we offer a wide variety of artisanal gifts for every occasion that's sure to stand out in any home.

With their intricate details, fine finishes, and outstanding craftsmanship, the gifts you will find here are unlike any other. Whether you decide to give charming, handcrafted serveware or exquisite table accessories plated with precious metals, rest assured that we have something for that special person you have in mind.

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Below are just a few of the unique gift collections we offer:


Timeless pieces from Nambé add to an exquisite dining room tablescape with their award-winning, museum-quality designs. Crafted with a proprietary alloy, each product from the label is known for its artistic beauty, uncompromising quality, and practical functionality. From elegant, finely-crafted serve ware to table accessories sculpted into modernist art, our collection of products from Nambé has everything you need to help bring the fine dining experience home.

Big Wood Boards

For a different kind of gift with a more personal touch, we also carry a selection of Big Wood Boards-the original monogrammed cutting boards. Made in Vermont, these boards of maple or walnut fitted with ornate metal handles are beautiful accents worth displaying in any home. Their durable finish and practical design also make them perfect carving boards for special occasions.

Olivia Riegel

Established by designer Jon Morris in 2000, Olivia Riegel infuses the charm of the past with modern sensibility. Each product is hand-cast in pewter, then adorned by artisans with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and enamel to produce that opulent look characteristic of the label. Due to each product's meticulous handcrafting, they're only available in limited quantities. This makes each gift from the collection all the more precious and unique.


Gifts from L'Objet have a quality that endures, inspired by the Mediterranean and crafted as homage to its traditions of craft. With its focus on innovation, L'Objet puts a modern twist in the way each material is handled to produce works of art with the highest degree of excellence. Whether in porcelain or precious metal, gifts from this collection truly stand the test of time.

These outstanding unique gift collections are only a few of what we offer in this section, so feel free to explore and see all the options to consider as unique gift ideas. We also have collected an affordable selection of gifts under $75. No matter what you choose from Chelsea Gifts, the fine craftsmanship featured in each product will definitely make it something to cherish.

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